Hookmark Mobile (for iPhone and iPad)

We are working on a version of Hookmark for iPhone and iPad.

The Hookmark for iPad and iPhone public beta is in Apple’s TestFlight software. While the testing and refinements of our mobile product have been taking place, our Mac software evolved considerably; and we rebranded it as Hookmark for Mac.

The current plan for the software:

  • See all the links you create on your Mac except (at first) for hook://file/ links (due to Apple’s sandboxing requirements).
  • Open most links you created in Hookmark for Mac as long as the corresponding app is there. For example, if in Hookmark for Mac you created a bookmark to an item in Drafts, you will be able to open it on your iPhone or iPad if Drafts apps is installed there.
  • Even open the links you created to Apple Notes and emails (assuming the email app is link-friendly (exposing the RFC-5322 compliant email ID). You’ll need to install on the iPhone or iPad the shortcuts we provide (or compatible ones) for this to work.
  • And more based on our product road map and ongoing customer feedback.