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Hook 3.3 Release Notes

Hook Version 3.3 (4542; Integration v. 183) is now available for download, or as an in-app update. (Build: 2021-10-13, 14:05). Executive Summary Programmatic integration with MerlinProject app. Using an advanced Terminal preference (defaults write com.cogsciapps.hook 0), the Hook app can now be brought entirely in the foreground. In foreground mode, Hook shows up in […]

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Services Preferences Tab

Using the Services Preferences tab, you can configure Hookmark to interact with bookmarking services that you license. Hookmark supports: Pinboard bookmarking service Instapaper GoodLinks We expect to add more bookmarking services. In a nutshell, you can configure Hookmark to add a bookmark for every web page with which the Hookmark window interacts. That way you

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Using Hookmark with the Pinboard Bookmarking Service

How many times have you searched for a bookmark in Pinboard, only to find that … it’s not there! That’s because you used a traditional bookmark app, which is not really a bookmark manager. With that kind of software, you are the manager: you need to manually add, remove, tag, and otherwise manipulate your bookmarks.

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Link-friendly Mac Apps

Unlike other bookmarking apps, Hookmark works not only with web browsers: You can bookmark information in any linkable app. Hookmark even has custom addressing schemes for apps that don’t have their own (such as Apple Notes and Contacts). Plus, you can invoke Hookmark’s contextual window in the linkable apps listed below, enabling you to “hook”

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