Why flag emails when you can copy links to them instead?

You probably know that Hookmark enable you to create links to email messages. But do you know that those links can be consumed in the free version of Hookmark, Hookmark basic. In fact Hookmark Basic (free tier) can consume any hook:// link including hook://file/ links and hook://email/ links.

If there’s an important email message you need to respond to later, you might be tempted to merely flag it. But flagging emails has several problems:

  1. When you check your flagged emails, you’re entering the world’s most distracting environment: an email app!
  2. flagged emails are not stored in a project folder.
  3. flagging an email does not tell you what to do with the email or why it’s relevant.

Copying links to emails and pasting them in your todo list solves these problems. Find out more here:

message:// links vs. hook://email/ links

Hookmark’s email links, which look like this: hook://email/. They are better than vanilla email links which look like this: message://

  1. message:// links are hard to get. Apple Mail for instance does not provide a Copy Link function.
  2. You can’t easily configure in which app message:// links will open.
  3. if you share them with someone else who does not use Apple Mail, the link will only worked if the recipient has configured his system to open these links.

Copy Link to get links to emails

If you use Hookmark’s Copy Link function to get links to emails, you’ll find this function works in many email apps, including apps like Mimestream and Spark Desktop which have their own URL schemes.

Find out more

Find out more about using email links on this help page.

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