💡 Script Debugger, our Partner of the Month of April, is ideal for editing Hookmark’s Integration Scripts

Hookmark Pro users can customize how Hookmark interacts with any given app by editing the appropriate integration script in the Scripts tab, which is in Hookmark’s settings (“preferences”).

Integration scripts can be written in AppleScript or JavaScript.

Our script editor is very rudimentary. These scripts can be written and edited in Apple’s script editor. However, we recommend using the much more powerful Script Debugger made by Late Night Software, a company that like us is based in BC, Canada 🇨🇦 😊.


Find out more about using Script Debugger to edit Hookmark scripts on this forum topic.

Partner of the Month of April 2024

We are delighted to announce that Script Debugger is Hookmark’s Partner of the Month of April! This reflects the esteem that we mutually hold for each other’s Mac products.

Once you edit your scripts in Script Debugger, you will not want to go back to Apple’s minimalist, Script Editor, app.