DEVONthink is Hookmark’s partner of the month of June

DEVONthink is a powerful knowledge management tool that complements Hookmark very well. DEVONthink can work with information in its database and it can index folders on the Finder. DEVONthink has a famously powerful search tool. For instance, it enables you to search for items containing text that is near other text. Information in DEVONthink’s database can be synced across Macs, iPhones and iPads. Furthermore, DEVONthink has extensive AppleScript automation.

From the first release of Hookmark (originally called Hook) we found that many of our users use Hookmark in combination with DEVONthink.

So, we’re delighted that DEVONthink is Hookmark’s partner of the month of June.

Links in DEVONthink

DEVONthink offers links to entire items. In the DEVONthink Field guide David Sparks says

to me, it is the external links that give DEVONthink its superpowers.

We concur. Item links enable you to reference DEVONthink items from inside or outside DEVONthink. As David Sparks puts it, DEVONthink’s links enable contextual computing.

With Hookmark, DEVONthink items can be hooked (bidirectionally linked) to anything that is linkable.

DEVONthink also sports Wiki-style links that are easy to construct and use.

DEVONthink’s CEO is an original signatory of the Manifesto for Ubiquitous Linking.

Deep PDF links and Copy Selection and Link

DEVONthink deep PDF links and its deep links to locations in videos are a game changer. They allow you to quickly reconstitute your context and immediately access the location in a PDF or video you need to reference, saving you time. Recently, we published a tip on How to Copy Quotes and Deep Links to PDFs In DEVONthink using Hookmark. Simply select some text in a PDF, invoke Hookmark, and choose the command you need: Copy Link, Copy As Markdown Link, Copy As Universal Link, or Copy Selection and Link. Paste this wherever you need the reference. Later, when you click on the deep link, DEVONthink will open the PDF and automatically scroll to the specific location referenced by the link. That’s a real timesaver.

An example scenario for lawyers is to create legal notes using the Copy Selection and Link command. This way, you can easily extract several key quotes from discovery documents that support your argument.

And those are just some of the features of DEVONthink.

Find out more

To find out more about DEVONthink, visit the DEVONthink website. If you’re new to DEVONthink, we recommend David Sparks’ DEVONthink Field guide.

For more information on using DEVONthink and Hookmark together, see our help page on the topic. You can also search the Hookmark forum for DEVONthink and you’ll find several topics on the subject.