Hookmark Version 6.0: Bookmarks Window; Indirectly Hooked and Related Links

Hookmark Version 6.0 is now available. This release introduces significant enhancements to Hookmark.


Major improvements

  • Hookmark now contains a persistent Bookmarks window where you can access and manage all your bookmarks. To access it from the Context window, type ⌘B, or click the Bookmarks icon in the title bar. Or use the global keyboard shortcut defined in Hookmark’s Preferences. Dismiss the window with ⌘W or ⌘H.
  • The Context window has two new sections INDIRECTLY HOOKED and RELATED ITEMS. Hide and show them via Gear menu > views (or keyboard shortcuts).
  • The PINNED and RECENT sections have been moved to the new Bookmarks window.
  • You can now filter the Context window using ⌘F.
  • You can now use Hookmark in more than one macOS account at the same time.
  • The Advanced context menu has been removed.
  • Improved startup time.
  • And more!

The Pinned section is a very handy way to bookmark and access information. Pin key information resources, including information hubs that you’ve hooked to related documents.

The Recent section contains links to information you’ve recently accessed with Hookmark or invoked Hookmark on.

If you are in the habit of copying links with Hookmark, you’ll find it accumulates precious bookmarks to emails, files, webpages, and more.

See release notes for more information.