Capacities is Hookmark’s Partner of the Month of November, 2024


We are pleased to announce that Capacities is the Hookmark Partner of the Month of November 2024. Capacities is next-generation PKM management software for macOS, Windows, and the web.

“Capacities is a studio to collect, connect and reflect – a place to make sense of the world and to create amazing things.”

Unlike its competitor, Notion, Capacities is a link-friendly app! The Capacities CEO is a signatory of the Manifesto for Ubiquitous Linking. Hookmark enables you to link Capacities items to and from anything that is also link-friendly!

For example, you could link an item in Capacities to an OmniOutliner document, Apple note or email message.

Hook to New > Capacities object

Hookmark also enables you to programmatically create a new Capacities note that is hooked to your current contextual item. That’s using the Hook to New … command from Hookmark’s action menu. Invoke the Hook to New... command in the context of an email, file, web page, or other object, select “Capacities” from the menu and hit Return (or double-click). That will:

  1. create a new Capacities object;
  2. name it;
  3. hook it to the source (i.e., bidirectionally link the two); and
  4. bookmark both the source and the Capacities object in Hookmark.

Then you’re off to the races. You will be able to instantly navigate from the source to the Capacities note, and back. No more searching for the source that is connected to the Capacities note, or the Capacities note that is connected to the source!

Hook to New > Anything from a Capacities object

You can also proceed in the other direction. From a Capacities object, you can invoke Hookmark and do Hook to New, choosing from many options such as an Apple Note, a file, and many other apps that you have installed on your Mac.

@PKMBeth on using Hookmark and Capacities together

There’s growing literature on the web about Capacities, including some from PKM Beth, who is a devoted Hookmark user, such as the following articles of hers on Medium:

In the latter article PKM Beth wrote:

Section 2: Hook to New

This is my favourite command.

This is when you’re in one app, and you create a piece of content in another app using Hookmark. In doing so, you automatically create a link from A to B. This is exactly the same as when you are in a page in your note-taking app of choice, and you create a new page from within it. Doing so creates a backlink.

I use this mostly between Notion and Capacities, so I have defined the default ‘new’ location to be Capacities. There are instructions on how to define this here.

I track my library in Notion, and any notes from the books in Capacities. When I have something to note down about a book, I’ll go to the page in Notion, Hook to New Capacities and then the pages are forever connected, and with next to no effort, I have a page where I want it in Capacities.

John E Hall on Hookmark ↔ Capacities

Hookmark user John E Hall has also started blogging on Medium about using Hookmark and Capacities together. Check out his Notes and Visual Notes: Workflows in Capacities and Hookmark | by John E Hall | Medium

More on Hookmark ↔ Capacities integration

For more information on Using Hookmark with Capacities, check out our help page on the subject.

You can also ask questions about Hookmark integration with Capacities on the forum or on the Capacities discord server.