Finding Link-friendly Apps on Setapp, and Final Draft

Rounding out our Partnership of the Month of November with Setapp, we have improved our list of link-friendly apps. And we are looking forward to a special link-friendly app announcement on Thursday Dec 1!

We’ve tagged Setapp apps

If you search for “Setapp” on our link-friendly apps, you’ll be able to find all the apps that are link-friendly on Setapp. We’ve recently added a few Setapp apps that we had previously missed, namely:

The easiest way to find link-friendly apps that are on Setapp is to

  1. launch Setapp,
  2. click on the “Collections” sidebar, and
  3. click on the “Apps to use with Hookmark” collection.

Coming soon

Tomorrow, Thursday Dec 1, there will be an announcement pertinent to link-friendly Setapp app lovers. Stay tuned!

Also noteworthy

We also heard from William Gallagher of 58keys that the Screenwriting Software, Final Draftยฎ is ๐Ÿ‘ link-friendly. We didn’t need to customize our integration with it ๐Ÿ˜Š. Final Draft works “out of the box” with Hookmark. There are no doubt plenty of other apps that are link-friendly “out of the box”.