Interview and Screencast on Hookmark for Writers – by an Outstandingly Productive Writer, William Gallagher

Have you heard of one of the most productive people I know, William Gallagher? Probably. You may have read some of his many books. Perhaps you heard some of the Doctor Who radio shows for which he wrote the script. If you read AppleInsider (who doesn’t?), you’ve probably read some of his articles. He’s also an editor there. Or maybe you’ve learned from some of his 58keys Youtube videos.

I am delighted to have been interviewed by William recently for his 58keys channel. William got me to provide a succinct description of what the Hookmark app is for and how it works. We also talked about:

  • some of the history behind the Hookmark app;
  • how writing is for thinking;
  • the role that an exchange I had with Steve Jobs played in the genesis of my Cognitive Productivity books;
  • how my Cognitive Productivity set the stage for Hookmark; and
  • some of the problems writers face and how Hookmark helps them solve them.

As you can tell from the interview, it turns out that William is also a great interviewer and video editor! He added a very helpful screencast track to the video, in which he illustrated what I was describing verbally!

Some other 58keys content

A trainer for creative writers

William also offers in-person training for creative writers, helping them do their best work with technology. (At least he did before the pandemic). Some of his secrets are in The Blank Screen: Productivity for Creative Writers.

I love brilliant minds!

How does William do all this world-class work and manage to sleep? To get a glimpse of that, check out David Sparks’ interview of him: Mac Power Users #649: Workflows with William Gallagher. Or watch his videos, where he shares his secrets.

One of my main interests in cognitive science is understanding how beautiful minds do their best work. Hence I also enjoyed listening to the MPU interview, and I will watch more of his content on YouTube!