We Stand with Ukraine, Hookmark is on Setapp, and Setapp is Hookmark’s Partner of the Month of November

We are delighted to announce that Hookmark is on Setapp, and Setapp is Hookmark’s partner of the month!

Setapp was created by MacPaw, the team behind top Mac cleaner CleanMyMac X. Based in Ukraine’s capital Kyiv, Setapp works to curate and deliver apps for daily workflow of Mac and iOS users. They are all about saving time and making work on Macs as easy as can be!

For one monthly fee you have access to a whole lot of Mac apps, many of which are link-friendly!

Lots of linkable apps!

Macpaw embraces the ideals of the Manifesto for Ubiquitous Linking. As such, they have curated a list of Setapp apps that are link-friendly. To date this includes CodeRunner, GoodTask, HoudahSpot, iThoughtsX, Marked, MindNode, Nitro PDF Pro, NotePlan, Path Finder, SideNotes, TaskPaper, Timing, and Trickster. We hope and expect that many other Setapp apps will become linkable!

We ourselves, at CogSci Apps Corp., are Setapp customers and enjoy these linkable apps. In fact, you will recall that we have showcased many of them on our blog, on the Hookmark forum and in our newsletter😊.

There’s a FAQ

If you’d like to learn more about Hookmark’s presence on Setapp, please consult Hookmark Setapp FAQ (frequently asked questions).

There you will find answers to the following questions:

  • What is Setapp?
  • What apps on Setapp are link-friendly?
  • (How) Can I switch from the main Hookmark version to using Hookmark on Setapp?
  • How does the Setapp version of Hookmark differ from the stand-alone version?
  • How can I know which version of Hookmark I am using?
  • What tier of Hookmark is on Setapp?
  • Why is Hookmark on Setapp?
  • How can I learn more?

and more.

Supporting Ukraine

Friday, November 11, is Remembrance day. But this year, it’s not just a time for remembrance. It is a time for solidarity with Ukraine. One of the benefits of being a Setapp customer is that it supports Ukraine’s efforts to protect itself against its aggressor, Russia.

If you would like clarification about Russia’s war against Ukraine, and why it is important to support Ukraine, we urge you to listen to this episode of Sam Harris’s venerable Making Sense podcast: #301 – The Politics of Unreality: Ukraine and Nuclear Risk, where he interviews Dr. Timothy Snyder.

Dr. Snyder is the Levin Professor of History and Global Affairs at Yale University and a permanent fellow at the Institute for Human Sciences in Vienna. He is the author of a dozen books, including the bestsellers On Tyranny, Our Malady, The Road to Unfreedom, Black Earth, and Bloodlands. His work has been translated into forty languages and received a number of prizes, including the literature award of the American Academy of Art and Letters, the Hannah Arendt Prize, and the Leipzig Book Prize for European Understanding.

The interview with Dr. Snyder rectifies reams of misinformation about the war.

Via Macpaw’s Setapp, we (CogSci Apps Corp.) will donate 20% of our proceeds from Setapp to help Ukraine for a minimum of one calendar quarter.

Read more on the Setapp website:

Setapp is Hookmark’s Partner of the Month of November

Given all the above, it is an honour for CogSci Apps Corp. to announce that Setapp is Hookmark’s Partner of the Month of November.

The usefulness and value of being a Setapp customer is hard to summarize. My advice: just do it. As a developer, we have been impressed by the professionalism of Setapp. It is an extremely important alternative to the Mac App Store. It has also launched into iOS and iPadOS.

I have also been personally very moved by how Setapp (Macpaw) has handled the unimaginable challenges of dealing with the Russian war on its territory. They are heroes.

Pizza for Ukraine

I would also like to mention Pizza For Ukraine, which is Mark Bernstein and Scott Johnson’s initiative that helps you send a pizza or pizzas right now to a Kharkiv bomb shelter, emergency room or someone else who needs it! The photos and stories are unbelievably moving.

Mark Bernstein is CEO of Eastgate Software, maker of Tinderbox — a link-friendly app. Mark is also a co-originator of the Manifesto for Ubiquitous Linking.