Partner-of-the-Month Program

Capacities is Hookmark’s Partner of the Month of November!

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About Partners of the Month

At CogSci Apps Corp., we value interoperability. Hookmark is a πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦ app that makes link-friendly apps more useful by helping users connect their data across apps. Because, let’s face it, no single app can do everything a user wants. Normally, tasks and projects involve using information from multiple apps.

In our “Partner of the Month” program we showcase an app, developer and/or software influencer who has contributed to the ideals of The Manifesto for Ubiquitous Linking. The manifesto was created by 24 developers, professors and software influencers, and subsequently signed by many people. And you can sign it too πŸ˜‰.

For a software developer to be a Partner of the Month, we require that their software be link-friendly. If your software is listed on the linkable apps page it needs to be marked with a thumbs up πŸ‘, not a πŸ€” at the time the partnership publicly launches.

Benefits of being Partner of the Month

As Partner of the Month, you and CogSci Apps demonstrate to the world that you are committed to the Ubiquitous Linking initiative. This shows that you value helping people instantly access information they need to complete their current task. It also shows that you value interoperability, because in order for software to conform to the manifesto, it needs to provide APIs for (a) creating complete links to the currently selected or open item; and (b) creating new items while returning the link to the new item (assuming the software supports client-side addition of information resources). This helps people remain focused while they work intensively with knowledge.

We at CogSci Apps design software and content for Mac, iPhone and iPad users who care deeply about software-enabled cognitive productivity. When you partner with us, we bring your product to the attention of our users who need it. For each Partner of the Month, CogSci Apps:

  • lists the partner at the top of this page;
  • mentions the partner in our newsletter;
  • tweets from @hookmarkapp at the beginning and end of the campaign (and we’ll interact on Twitter in between);
  • writes a blog post where we celebrate your product(s);
  • publishes a “Using Hookmark with ” page (if your product is an app);
  • publishes a LinkedIn article and/or post from CogSci Apps Corp. and/or Luc P. Beaudoin’s page; and
  • publishes a Facebook post.

Our high-quality content explains how your product can help our readers do knowledge-intense work.

Here’s an example regarding Brett Terpstra’s SearchLink software which was Partner of the Month of September 2022:

A Partner of the Month campaign does not necessarily start at the very beginning of the month.

Your responsibilities as Partner of the Month

A Partner of the Month reciprocates with a newsletter, blog post and social media engagement — or related publicity β€” with a view to promoting the benefits of link-friendly software and interoperability. The manifesto explains [the rationale of ubiquitous linking( See also benefits.

Partners of the Month

We are grateful to the current and previous Partners of the Month

2023-02 and 2023-04 are booked by a couple of awesome developers.

Limitation of responsibilities

Being a Partner of the Month is not a “partnership” in the legal sense of the word. It is merely a co-marketing campaign.


If so, please get in touch.