Quickly Jot Down And Use Apptorium’s Side-Notes App

We’re delighted to welcome Apptorium’s SideNotes app as Partner of the Month of February! SideNotes is particularly relevant to Hookmark users because SideNotes is all about helping you quickly jot down and use notes. And it integrates well with Hookmark!

SideNotes places your notes on the side of the screen so you can quickly access them. Check out how the following SideNotes are positioned to help the user tidy up a paper he’s writing:


Because SideNotes notes float on the side of the screen, you can see a bunch of them while you’re in a project. You don’t need to worry about them disappearing when you click around. Of course, when you switch projects you can switch your SideNotes folder too.

Adding notes

To add a note, you can press the “+” button and start typing or paste. You can also long-press on the “+” button to copy the text directly in a new note. Or use a shortcut.

You can also use Hook to New to create new SideNotes. In Hookmark

  • choose Hook to New… (โ‡งโŒ˜N),
  • select SideNotes, and
  • hit the return key


You’ll get a new SideNote with the appropriate title, a linkback, a “hook” (bidirectional link) to the source, and a hookmark to the new note.


SideNotes lets you write in markdown. Have a Markdown link in the clipboard? Just paste it in side notes. Then it’s clickable. To view an example, check out the “quick links” note at the bottom right of the first screenshot.

Keyboard driven UI

Like Hookmark, SideNotes is friendly to keyboarders, with lots of shortcuts!

Lean but lots of features

The app supports efficient work while also taking up little space. You can easily show/hide your notes when you switch projects. And yet it’s got a lot of features. Some of them are visible from our screenshot, such as note colors, easy way to create checkboxes ( like this: [ ]), a quick search tool, share sheets, and trash icons to quickly delete notes. Under the hood, SideNotes supports iCloud sync, an AppleScript API, Alfred workflows, Shortcuts support, and automatic backups.

iOS client

You can also access your notes on iPad and iPhone.

Using SideNotes with Hookmark

SideNotes behaves as you would want it to behave with Hookmark. You can

Where to get SideNotes

You can download a free trial from the Apptorium website and purchase from there too. Apptorium uses Paddle, which is the same checkout service used by Hookmark. You can also download Hookmark from the Mac App Store. Or simply use the Setapp version.

Share your experience

On the Hookmark forum, share your experience of using Hookmark with SideNotes, if you like.