Shortcut for `Copy Markdown Image Link to New Screenshot`

We’ve published a new macOS Shortcut (automation) for people who write in Markdown. It is: 💨 Copy Markdown Image Link to New Screenshot. In a nutshell, this enables you to to quickly take illustrated notes about a presentation you’re watching or any content on your screen, whether it’s a PDF, video, web page, state of an app, anything! Just paste the copied links into your notes. Then with a compatible app (like Marked), you’ll be able to see the screenshots in the context of your notes !

Twitter thread announcing this feature


This is also described in the section on “Marked 2 first to use Hookmark’s adapt file links for including images in Markdown files!” our recent newsletter about Hookmark 4.0 and other topics

Video and more docs coming soon

A video is worth a thousand words, so we’ll show create one soon for this feature.

And, for Markdown app developers…

We will provide tips for developers to make their apps capable of displaying images referenced by Hookmark’s adaptive hook://file/ in their app. But really, they can easily figure it out by reading Hookmark’s AppleScript dictionary.