Directory of Shortcuts

You can automate Hook Pro using Apple’s Shortcuts app. The uses and benefits are unlimited.

This page will contain a directory of Shortcuts that use Hook’s actions. You can download these shortcuts and install them on your Macs. This directory will include shortcuts we have created, and shortcuts others have donated.

NB: Hooks Shortcuts’ actions list is summarized on the main Shortcuts page.

Copy Markdown Link to New Screenshot

Download the Shortcut

This is a shortcut that

  1. creates a new screenshot,
  2. names it,
  3. stores it in a configurable location,
  4. copies a Markdown link to the new screenshot, and
  5. returns that Markdown link.

This is very handy when you are watching a webinar, video, Zoom presentation, or other audio visual material. You can immediately paste links to individual screenshot files in your notes. Use any plain text editor or your favorite Markdown enabled app. There are plenty to choose from !

More Shortcuts

Stay tuned for more shortcuts from us and others.

Donate your Shortcuts

You can also share your shortcuts in the automation section of the Hook Productivity Forum. They may then be included in this list.