Tinderbox: WinterFest 2019 Sale Ends Tomorrow!

Tomorrow, January 7, is the last day to buy Tinderbox: WinterFest 2019 software on sale. We at CogSci Apps are honored that our Hook productivity software for macOS has been listed with such great indie software for macOS.

I, myself, use many of those apps on a daily basis in workflows connected by Hook. For example, I am writing this blog post with BBEdit. I’ve used Hook to connect this file to the web page, Tinderbox: WinterFest 2019. And I will link this document to the WordPress blog post when I publish it. Trickster gives me a convenient list of my most recently modified files.

Check out the Tinderbox: WinterFest 2019 discounted apps:

  • Tinderbox: visualize and organize your ideas and plans Save 25%
  • SpamSieve: powerful e-mail spam filtering. Save 25%
  • Trickster: Your recently used files, at your fingertips. Save 25%
  • Storyspace: serious hypertext narrative: Save 25%
  • BBEdit 13: Power Tool for Text: Save 20%
  • Bookends: the reference manager you’ve been looking for. Save 25%
  • HoudahSpot: powerful file search for Mac. Save 25%
  • Nisus Writer Pro: The powerful word processor for the Mac Save 25%
  • DEVONagent Pro: Your smart (re)search assistant. Save 25%
  • DEVONthink 3: manage documents the smart way: Save 25%
  • Panorama X: collect, organize and understand your data: Save 25%
  • Aeon Timeline 2: the timeline tool for creative thinking
  • PDFpen: Powerful PDF editing. Save 30%
  • TextExpander: Recall your best words. Instantly, repeatedly. Save 30%
  • HoudahGeo: Photo Geotagging. Save 25%
  • ImageFramer Pro. Your Art. Showcased. Save 25%

Here’s a quote of me on the WinterFest page:

We created Hook productivity because, in order to do great work, we have to be able to link documents and objects from our favorite apps together. For instance, while reading a PDF in PDFPen Pro (or in Preview or Adobe Reader), you can now invoke Hook and select its “Link to New” function to create a new, linked document in Tinderbox or BBEdit (or TextEdit, Bear, Pages, OmniGraffle, OmniOutliner).
Linking is the heart of hypertext. Hook brings it to and beyond your desktop.

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