Announcing Hook 1.3: Minimalist Look, Maximum Productivity Thanks to Two New Menus, Link Navigation and Much More

We are delighted to announce major enhancements to Hook productivity, which are available in Hook 1.3, which you can Download today and buy

Hook 1.3 now sports a minimalist graphical design with link navigation and two new menus. The new, compact window is easier than ever to understand and utilize.

The Hook window now has three parts as depicted and described online. They are:

  1. the title bar, which contains a Title menu (also accessible via ⌃T) containing all the commands that operate on the current context (title item),
  2. the LINKS section (in the middle): each link has its own Link menu (also accessible via ⌃L), and
  3. the status bar at the bottom, which now contains a simpler Gear menu (also accessible via ⌃G).

Find out more

For detailed release notes, screenshots and discussion, check out this post on Hook’s forum: Hook version 1.3 (2888) is now available: Minimalist UI, Link Navigation and More – Releases – Hook Productivity Forum

Check out the news release on prMac.

The home page video now features Hook’s new look. (Now that we have this new user interface, we will roll out more screencasts and documentation.)

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