Hook Mac App: Version 1.1.1, and Its Past, Present and Future

We recently released version 1.1 of the Hook cognitive productivity app for macOS, which delivers a number of enhancements and fixes. In particular, Hook now has a “welcome board” to help you get started with it. We followed this up with version 1.1.1. That is two updates in less 3 weeks since the official 1.0 launch.

On the CogZest blog, CogSci Apps Corp. co-founder Luc Beaudoin published a post about Hook’s past, present and future.

Also, in that post, Beaudoin noted that CogZest offers cognitive productivity consulting and training to organizations. This is based on Beaudoin’s two Cognitive Productivity books. This may be useful for organizations that need their employees to do great R&D, be creative, keep learning, and/or write. Of course, we also recommend that they use the Hook productivity app for Mac.

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