Sharing Links to Emails and Files with Hook

We’ve added a new promo video about sharing links to emails and shared files. If they are Mac users, clicking on links to access information will save them time and energy, and make them happy. To consume links, all they need is Hook Lite, which is free.

  1. If you want to reference a previous email, include a Hook link to the email, so they can access the entire original email, and get the full context. You won’t need to quote as much of the prior email. This is particularly handy for referencing old discussions, referencing several emails, or being nice to someone who simply has too much email.
  2. Also, if you want to reference a file (from cloud storage, like Dropbox, or a version control system (like Git or SVN)) that they have on their Finder, just send them a hook://link to the file. The file will be revealed on their Finder. They won’t need to use a web browser, Spotlight, Finder folders, etc. to see the file. One click …

And who knows, maybe they will be nice to you too in the future, and save you time and energy, by sending you hook:// links. Generating links with Hook is super easy. Just select the file (or open it), invoke Hook, and select “Copy as Link”!

With Hook Lite (which is free), users can consume links, and create as many email links as they want.

Hook productivity also enables you to quickly capture links to other protocol schemes (like standard web protocols, OmniFocus, Bear://, etc.)

So why not be the first to introduce Hook to your friends and in your organization?

2 thoughts on “Sharing Links to Emails and Files with Hook”

  1. Hi,
    Suggestion. I found getting my head around the concept tricky.
    Why not create a weblink that sends a small selection of emails to prospective buyers showcasing the benefits of Hook.
    This Hands-on experience would ‘show-not tell’ and provide another opportunity to interact with a potential customer as he/she examines the file(s) and email contents. The quality of that interaction is crucial to it’s success.
    Good luck, i came across Hook here.

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