On Backing up and Restoring Hook Data, and Using Hook with Multiple Macs

We’ve just released new documentation about backing up, restoring and migrating Hook data:

  1. How to Backup and Restore Hook Data – Hook, and
  2. Using Hook on Multiple Macs – Hook.

Regarding the second document: Hook does not yet provide a syncing mechanism. However, there are ways to use Hook on multiple machines for technology enthusiasts.

If you have comments or questions about this, please visit this topic on the Hook Forum, or send us an email.

[comment]: <> (You may notice that we are not referring to the import and export functions that were available during Hook public beta. They will be removed temporarily).

Luc Beaudoin

Luc P. Beaudoin Co-founder, CogSci Apps Corp. My Cognitive Productivity books.

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