You Can Now Purchase Hook 1.0, Which Officially Launches on Wednesday July 10!

Although Hook is still in public beta, it is now possible to buy and use a license key for Hook, which you can activate with Hook Version 1.0-beta (build 2545) and later — now available for download (or via Hook’s in-app update mechanism).

Hook Version 1.0-beta (build 2545, which we have just released, or a later one) is required to activate your license.

Check out the new pricing. You will see that Hook is a veritable bargain, considering the value of your time and the cognitive productivity boost Hook delivers.

Deep knowledge-work almost always involves navigating between a tight cluster of related documents. However, key information may be scattered across folders, different types of apps (task managers, personal information managers, mail, etc.), in cloud storage, version control systems, the web and elsewhere. Hook is the only app that makes it possible and easy to navigate between your key information resources.

Hook is based on decades of cognitive science and my recent Cognitive Productivity books.

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