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Hook 3.4

2021-12-21 PST Hook Version 3.4 (4602; Integration v. 191) is now available for download. 🎉 Hook Search improvements Hook’s search view now behaves more like a bookmarks view: As soon as you enter the search field, Hook will find all bookmarks. As you type, Hook will dynamically filter the bookmark list to match your query. …

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Hook 3.3.2

2021-11-16. Version 3.3.2 public beta (4565; Integration v. 186) now available for download and as an in-app update. This release has fixes for macOS 12 (Monterey) issues, and introduces partial support for Reminders app. Improved performance of Hook when Pinned items are shown. Introduced a new advanced preference to select the scope of Hook’s file …

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玉树芝兰 @ on How Hook Connects with and Compares to Other Software

At, an Asian technology review website, 玉树芝兰 (nkwangshuyi) has written an excellent detailed review of Hook. In particular, it explains how Hook uniquely differs from and complements existing software. It shows how Hook’s two way links enable you to connect information in disparate apps, including personal information management tools like DEVONthink and Roam. It …

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