Hook 2.2.1 Release Notes

2021-01-22 PT

Hook 2.2.1 (4004) is now available for download with:

  • More deep PDF linking: new with Skim, enhanced with PDFpenPro.
  • Full x-callback-url automation support, illustrated with Agile Tortoise’s Drafts Mac app.
  • Other new and improved integrations with your favorite Mac apps, including Soulver.

x-callback-url automation

This feature will be appreciated by developers who want to make their apps linkable without learning AppleScript or JavaScript.

Enhanced x-callback-url support for linking

Hook 2.2.1 adds x-callback-url support for Hook’s “Get Address” inter-app communication. Even prior to Hook 2.2.1, Hook supported (and still supports) x-callback-url for Hook to New. (The New Item tab.)

This is illustrated in a Hook ↔ Drafts integration script we shared in Using Hook with Drafts – Hook. It uses Drafts’ augmented x-callback-url schemes. No more UI scripting to control Drafts. That makes Hook work with Drafts regardless of the language setting, and removes the vagaries of UI scripting. This has only been fully qualified on Big Sur to date.

So: any developer who wants to make their apps linkable need only provide x-callback-url schemes for getting the name and address of the current item, and for creating a new item given a name, returning the address. It’s that easy!

Speaking of x-callback-url -based linking, the Craft app has indicated on the Hook Productivity Forum that they are making their app linkable by way of x-callback-url.

UPDATED: Software update frequency

If enabled, Hook now checks about every 24 hours for Software updates.

Deep PDF Linking, demonstrated by a screencast by Lee Garrett of MyProductiveMac

Hook now enables you to create deep, shareable links to PDF documents links in the free Skim PDF reader app. It joins PDFpenPro in this respect.

Deep linking is extremely helpful for researchers, lawyers and others who work extensively and collaboratively with PDFs.

Check out this screencast and blog post: Deep PDF Links Take You Right Where You Need to Focus – Hook. The screencast was made by Lee Garrett of MyProductiveMac. You can follow Lee on Twitter.

Updated integrations with your favorite apps

After Hook 2.2 was released, as noted in Hook’s forum’s Releases category: through Hook’s integration server we published a couple of new app integrations and updated previous ones. Those updates are incorporated into Hook 2.2.1. To summarize:

NEW: We’ve enabled you to link items to & from yet more apps:

We’d like to point out that Hook is a particularly obvious fit for Soulver users. Soulver is for taking notes about one’s calculations. With Hook you can extend those notes with two-way links to anything that has an address (URL or other)! See Hook integration scripts v. 153 now available — Support for Soulver 3, a notepad with calculator – Releases – Hook Productivity Forum

IMPROVED integrations

We’ve updated Hook’s integration with

Documentation regarding using Hook with particular apps

For more information on using Hook with particular apps, see the linkable Apps page page or Hook’s forum.

We are gradually rolling out new “Using Hook with app” pages, such as

You’ll increasingly be able to search “using hook with favorite app name“.

Other improvements

See also Hook 2.2 Release Notes and the Hook productivity forum.