Hook 3.4

2021-12-21 PST Hook Version 3.4 (4602; Integration v. 191) is now available for download.

🎉 Hook Search improvements

Hook’s search view now behaves more like a bookmarks view:

  • As soon as you enter the search field, Hook will find all bookmarks.
  • As you type, Hook will dynamically filter the bookmark list to match your query.
  • Search results are now paginated (similar to Google).

🎉 Invoke Hook from Safari and Finder Share Menu

The Hook window can now be invoked via the familiar Share menu in Safari and Finder.

From there, you can directly invoke

  • Copy Link
  • Copy Markdown Link
  • Open Hook Window
  • Add Bookmark
  • Copy Selection and Link .

Open Hook Window gives you access to all of Hook’s functions.

This gives you even more ways to invoke Hook!

To enjoy these features, be sure to add Hook to macOS > System Preferences > Extensions > Share Menu. See Use the Share menu on Mac – Apple Support

See Access Hook from macOS Share Sheets (Safari and Finder) – Hook for more information.

🎉 Copy Selection and Link in Safari

Yes, you read that right. Hook 3.4 adds the ability to copy the selected text and a link to the current page, using Safari’s Share Menu > Hook menu item.

Improvements in how Hook handles multiple displays

🖥️ Hook now works better with additional monitors (displays). Without requiring additional configuration, Hook will better remember on which monitor it was positioned and where. Its position is dependent on the window that has the focus. When you invoke Hook, it will appear on the monitor on which the last window had focus. Change the focus by clicking on a different window, or selecting a different window by other means.

In addition, @Rigorjunky on the Hook productivity forum requested:

I would like to be able to pick which screen it appears on (main vs screen with current window).

So we added that to Hook 3.4 too. To be able to manually control on which display Hook is presented, regardless of what window has the focus, from Terminal.app, write:

defaults write com.cogsciapps.hook hook.window.position.ignore.key-focus 1

Other improvements

  • IMPROVED Hook experience with youtube and some other websites.
  • IMPROVED license management.
  • IMPROVED. Miscellaneous UI enhancements
  • IMPROVED. Import and export dialog boxes now have a tip concerning spotlight like “Please also ensure that Spotlight is indexing the folder contained by files to which hook://file/ links point.”
  • IMPROVED. Increased the time-out threshold to 10s for when third-party app’s automation does not respond to linking requests) and edited the text of the dialog message presented by Hook in that case.
  • FIXED possible crashes.

🎉 When invoked in a web browser, Hook Lite now includes Copy Link

In the context of web browsers, Hook Lite (free) now provides its wondrous Copy Link command. This used to be an Essentials- and Pro-only feature. This means that any user can get the benefit of conveniently copying links in the context of web browsers, for free. Every knowledge worker often needs to send links to web pages. Hook makes it super easy to provide a well-formed web link, in multiple formats. If pasted into a plain text field, users get the URL. In HTML fields, an HTML link. In RTF, a RTF link. Very convenient!

☝️ So please share with your friends and colleagues that with the free Hook Lite they can instantly copy links to emails and to the current web page, and more.

Copy Markdown Link is not included. See the comparison table for a refresher of what’s included in the each tiers of Hook (Trial Mode, Lite, Essentials and Pro).

Update integrations with your favorite apps

  • 🎉 NEW: Apptorium’s SideNotes is now supported … even Hook to New > SideNotes! Integration based on @wernervp ‘s input on the Hook productivity forum
  • NEW: Hook now works with Mac App Store version of PDFpenPro 13.
  • IMPROVED: Deep links in Adobe Reader now work with alternative number schemes.