Hook 3.5 Release Notes

Hook Version 3.5 (4736; Integration v. 212) is now available for download.

Please don’t ‘force quit’ Hook while it updates your database during Hook’s next launch.

Executive Summary

New Delete… command enables you to delete entire bookmark from Hook

There is now a command to delete bookmarks from Hook’s database. The new command is called Delete…. The keyboard shortcut is ⇧⌘⌫ (shift-command-delete). The command is available from the Advanced sub-menu of any link displayed in the the HOOKED, PINNED or RECENT sections of the Hook contextual window, as well as in the search view.

Technically, this deletes a bookmark. When you delete a bookmark all the hooked links to this bookmark are also deleted. If the resource has multiple deep links or fragments. Basically this removes the URL from Hook’s database. In the process of deleting a bookmark, you will receive a confirmation dialog box.

When you delete a bookmark on which Hook sync is enabled, the bookmark is deleted from each sync-enabled device sharing the same iCloud account or sync folder.

We’ve tucked the Delete… command in the Advanced menu in order to prevent users from confusing this command with unhook (see next section). Also, it is only rarely useful to delete entire bookmarks.

The old “Delete Link” command has been renamed to “Unhook”

We have renamed the Delete Link command to Unhook . This is pursuant to terminology changes made in Hook 1.5 which have been well accepted. The keyboard shortcut for this command remains the same: ⌘⌫.

As a reminder: a “hook” is a bidirectional link between two bookmarks (URLs). In Hook’s search view, you see a list of bookmarks (named URLs).

Other changes in Hook 3.5

  • NEW: By default, sync is now disabled on battery power. There’a a new checkbox in Hook’s Sync preferences tab to override the default (Pause synchronization while on battery power).
  • FIXED (REVERTED): Copy Markdown Link is advertised as a Pro feature but had been included in Essentials version. The feature now is only in Pro as advertised.
  • IMPROVED: we moved the Focus on Link in Clipboard Gear menu item outside of (above) the Advanced submenu.
  • IMPROVED: parsing of markdown links in .hook files.
  • IMPROVED: Hook now appends the source computer name to Hook’s sync filenames.
  • IMPROVED In prior versions of Hook, the Check for App Updates and Update Scripts … command could cause Hook to update its database. Now Hook will only update its database at launch. We also added a message so you know that Hook is not hung while it is improving its database. Reminder: Hook’s database is local to your Mac.
  • IMPROVED: made underlying changes.
  • FIXED another issue where unpinned items could re-appear as pinned. If you’re still having problems with overly persistent pinned items, try exporting and re-importing your Hook library.
  • FIXED an issue where an item pinned on one Mac might not sync onto the other Mac.
  • FIXED an issue where unhooking two files could also remove the bookmark.
  • FIXED an issue where items hooked in icloud could become unhooked.
  • FIXED some crashes.
  • FIXED an issue where menu item to remove a hook between two items could be missing from the link menu.
  • FIXED an issue where expand/collapse button in Recent items section of Hook window could disappear after expanding or collapsing pinned items.
  • FIXED an issue where a bookmark renamed in Hook could fail to appear in search.
  • FIXED an issue where search for * returns spurious results.
  • FIXED: an issue preventing global Copy Link shortcut from working with apps whose Get Address integration scripts used x-callback-url
  • FIXED issues that were in Hook 3.5 public beta, not in official releases.

Software integration updates

This build incorporates integration updates that were released on Hook’s integration server after Hook 3.4.3 was released. Hook applies integration updates upon Check for App Updates and Update Scripts …, so you might have the following updates already.

  • IMPROVED integration with Bear writer & BusyCal apps, which both currently still require UI scripting, to work in any language. We will gradually apply this new approach to all apps with which Hook integrates via UI scripting. Eventually all of Hook’s software integrations will be language-independent.
  • NEW support for VLC media player
  • NEW Notenik note-taking app is now supported — with automation (not just UI scripting. This is a free note-taking app for macOS based on text files, which plays well with other apps, supports markdown, and has fields. Notenik Notenik 9.0.1 required. For robust notenik:// links, please enable Notenik’s datestamp preference. You can do Hook to New > Notenik. Please see Hooked on Notenik for more information.
  • NEW SetApp edition of MarsEdit is now supported.
  • NEW Added support for Atlassian’s Trello app. Through UI scripting users can obtain the address of the current board, and hook it. Hook to New not available due to lack of automation in Trello.
  • IMPROVED integration with nvUltra. You can now choose URL schemes, with Hook’s scheme supporting Reveal File in Finder. Also fixed a rare issue with Hook to New > nvUltra. See Using Hook With nvUltra.
  • IMPROVED Added a comment to Hook’s New Item Apple Notes integration script about how to apply #Hook tags to new Apple Notes.
  • IMPROVED integration with Obsidian note taking app. Hook to New > Obsidian is now available. See Using Hook with Obsidian – Hook. This integration requires Obsidian v0.14.5.
  • IMPROVED many scripts to better process URLs of files containing %<int> like %25 or %40 in their names. If you have overriden an app’s script that is changed in this build, you won’t get see the corresponding update till you revert it.
  • IMPROVED experience on Twitter.
  • FIXED “No linkable item found in Zotero beta“.
  • FIXED a glitch with Powerpoint integration

Eligibility for updates

Hook software updates are free to any Hook CogSci Apps customer with a Hook Updates license that was valid at the time the update was released. Hook Pro and Hook Essentials each come with one year of free access to software updates.

If your Hook Updates license has expired and you apply this update, please note that Hook will revert to Lite mode until you purchase and apply an Updates license. However, you can also revert to a previous version of Hook that was released during your Updates License period. Upgrading from Essentials to Pro includes an additional 12-month Updates license.

Next steps

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Last updated 2022-04-27