Much Ado About Hook: 2.0+; Smile Black Friday to Cyber Monday ; Apple Notes & Obsidian; Hook Liaisons; Surveys, MPU on Cognitive Productivity

By now you are likely aware that we recently released Hook 2.0. In this post, we round up the improvements, provide a Black Friday discount coupon code, and look to the future

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Hook 2.0(.+)

Hook is now also a truly universal automatic bookmarking app. By truly universal we mean that you can bookmark not only web pages (across browsers), but items in any compatible app (files in Finder, emails, tasks, notes, etc.). By automatic, we mean that whenever you use Copy Link, Copy Markdown Link or hook items together, Hook will add a bookmark for each link. You can also manually add bookmarks (⌘D).

Hook 2.0 now has a search bookmarks command (⌘F), optional Hook window sections (PINNED and RECENT) (enabled via Hook’s General > Preferences), new optional buttons in its title bar, Quick Look (⌘Y), reorganized menus with new commands, ability to copy links with a single keyboard shortcut without even invoking the Hook window, new automation interface (Hook’s AppleScript API), and a lovely new icon. Check out the release notes.

Updated integrations

In Hook 2.0, you can now link to DEVONthink smart groups. Handy !

In August, we also updated integration with Curio, as discussed on our blog and in a help page here. We provide different integration options.

We’ve improved the default format of Bookends (reference management software).

Other integration updates are discussed on Hook’s forum.

Hook 2.0.1 to 2.0.3

Being a lean organization, within 10 days or so of Hook 2.0, we released 2.0.1, 2.0.2 and 2.0.3 😊.

Upcoming integrations !

Apple Notes, Big Sur, AppleScript

In Big Sur, Apple has fixed bugs in its AppleScript support for Apple Notes. Therefore, coming very soon: CogSci Apps will officially reintroduce Hook’s support for Apple Notes !

Linking Obsidian content to … anything !

Per Compatibility with Hook Productivity on Mac OS – Plugins ideas – Obsidian Forum, Hook will soon fully support Obsidian. That means you’ll be able to invoke Hook in the context of an Obsidian document and use Hook’s handy Copy Link, Copy Markdown Link , Hook to Copied Link, and other functions.

This is also discussed on Hook’s forum:

Thank you to @lsieverts for being a liaison between CogSci Apps and Obsidian!. She has helped us move this integration forward. Thank you also to others for volunteering to do the same.

“Liaisons” you say?

Yes, as explained here: Obsidian Liaisons to CogSci Apps / Hook? (Linkability Advocate) – Discussion & Help – Hook Productivity Forum, we intend to launch a programme whereby Hook users registered on the Hook Productivity Forum may informally act as liaisons between Hook and other great apps!

Hook is an app that links the data of linkable apps. Our liaisons will be links between the Hook productivity community and all kinds of apps’ and their developers. This will benefit Hook users and the users of all kinds of apps. The goal is to free data from its silos.

Stay tuned for more information on the Linkability Manifesto and Hook’s Liaison (Linking Advocate) programme.

Surveying what YOU want from Hook

Online survey (questionnaire)

In Hook’s announcement category, we will soon start a topic announcing an online survey designed to get your opinion on what features next to add to Hook.

FaceTime meetings with CogSci Apps co-founder or marketing professional

Respondents to the online survey will have the opportunity to volunteer for a one-on-one FaceTime meeting with a CogSci Apps co-founder or marketing professional.

In the one-on-one survey you can also ask questions about Hook.

We won’t be able to meet with all volunteers. However, we will randomly select a number of survey respondents who opt-in to participate in a one-on-one FaceTime survey.

However, at any time, please feel free to send us a Private Message about what you’d like to see in Hook, or make your feature requests publicly on Hook’s forum.

Hook app icon, made in Germany 🇩🇪 !

We are very grateful to Alexander Käßner and for designing the Hook productivity app icon! Diagrams app is founded by Lukáš Kubánek who helped manage and facilitate this design process.

Hook’s new icon is definitely worth a post in itself! So we hope to write one specifically on the subject.

More generally, we’re delighted to have great connections with several Mac software developers in Germany, including, DEVONthink, Timing , NotePlan, and others.

Beaudoin/Hook on Mac Power Users (#560) podcast

In case you missed it, David Sparks and Stephen Hackett discuss Workflows with Luc Beaudoin in Episode #560 of Mac Power Users 😊 .

Newsletter: Migrating from Mailchip to Sendy (via Amazon SES)

In episode 241 of Systematic (hosted by Brett Terpstra) Solving Problems with Tyler Hall, we learned about Sendy as an alternative to Mailchimp. We like Sendy so much that we will migrate from Mailchimp to Sendy. Thanks Brett and Tyler !

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