Hook Covered by Visuals Producer: “Hook, Your Captain of File Associations on the Mac”

Erik Vlietinck of Visuals Producer recently wrote a nice article about the Hook productivity app for macOS:

Hook, your captain of file associations on the Mac | Visuals Producer

His article mentions that

Hook becomes a cross-referencing tool without the need for additional software and with the freedom to manage your files your way and not according to the vision a developer of a cross reference tool inevitably forces upon you.

That’s right. You can move your Hook-linked files anywhere. You will still be able to access them through Hook.

The Visuals Producer article points out that Hook cannot link to draft emails. That is true. Draft email messages do not have a standard message ID, so one cannot link to them. However, Hook provides a work-around. Hook lets you generate a unique ID which you can paste anywhere. You can create a hook://search link with the ID (again using Hook’s gear menu, or keyboard shortcut). Subsequently, you can click that “`hook://search“ link and Hook will trigger a Spotlight search to find the item!

Both commands are in the gear menu in the Pro version of Hook. These Pro commands round out the Hook product for those cases where apps do not expose an address for their documents or objects. You can also use the command for many other purposes.

Coverage of Hook on Visuals Producer illustrates that Hook is useful to a wide variety of professionals, including photographers, video producers, audio producers, and more.

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