Using Hookmark with Mimestream


Mimestream is a native macOS email client for Gmail, and as of version 1.3 it is compatible with Hookmark 6:

Made for Mac. Optimized for Gmail.
Mimestream combines the power of macOS with Gmail’s advanced features for a new kind of email client that lets you move through your email effortlessly.

Mimestream lets you tap into Gmail’s advanced features in a native Mac app.

Hookmark enables you to link Mimestream messages to and from anything that is also link-friendly.

This page provides some of the technical details about linking with Mimestream.

Copy Link and Copy Markdown Link commands

When you invoke Hookmark on a message in Mimestream and then choose Copy Link or Copy Markdown Link, Hookmark will return a link containing a URL like this: ``. You can paste and use those links anywhere.

Those are Mimestream universal links. They are different from the hook://email/ links that Hookmark produces for Mail and Airmail apps. The practical difference is that Mimestream links can only be opened in Mimestream app. The favorite apps setting does not apply to Mimestream.

gmail links

If you’d rather transact in gmail links, like this ``, you can control-click on a message in Mimestream and choose “Copy Gmail Link”. Then you can do Focus on Link in Clipboard; this will place the link in Hookmark’s title bar, allowing you to operate on the link.

When you open these gmail links, they will open in a web browser rather than in Mimestream.

Hook to Copied Link

With a Mimestream ( link in the clipboard, you can invoke Hookmark on any other linkable item and use the handy Hook to Copied Link command to bidirectionally link the other item to the Mimestream email.

See Hook to Copied Link for more information.

Hook to New > Anything linkable

With a message selected, you can quickly create a new ‘note’ (in the linkable app of your choice) and link it to the selected message. Simply invoke Hookmark and use the Hook to New command from the Action ☰ button menu.

Hookmark will create the ‘note’, name it and hook it to the message for you. Depending on the target app, Hookmark may also add a hyperlink in the new ‘note’. The note could be a task, Apple Note, document etc. It’s very handy to be able to navigate back and forth between emails and information related to the email.

About sharing Mimestream email links

Unlike email links that Hookmark generates in Mail, Airmail and MailMate, it’s not possible to share Mimestream links with other users. But you can use the links on different Macs.

Make Hookmark File

Have you ever wanted to create a Finder alias to something other than a file, such as a Mimestream message? Now you can do even more than that. Simply

  1. select a Mimestream message
  2. invoke Hookmark (⌃H),
  3. type ⌃⇧H or select click on the Action ☰ button and choose Make Hookmark File.

A new .hookmark file will be created containing a link to the message. It will be stored in the Finder. You can move .hookmark files wherever they’re relevant. Opening that file will cause the message to be opened. For instance, if you receive an important email pertinent to a project, you can create a .hookmark file pointing to it, and store that file in the project folder on Finder.

Search for Mimestream bookmarks in Hookmark

Hookmark automatically bookmarks links it creates. If you use Hookmark to copy links to Mimestream emails or hook them to anything, then Hookmark will automatically bookmark those items for you. Later you can find those bookmarks using Hookmark’s search, on any device with which you sync Hookmark’s bookmarks! Hookmark becomes a treasure trove of links to the information you value the most.

To find Mimestream messages you’ve processed with Hookmark, simply

  1. invoke Hookmark
  2. enter search mode (with ⌘F or a click)
  3. type: links.mimestream and
  4. hit the return key

Your Mimestream (gmail) bookmarks will show up in the search results.

This is like Apple’s Recent Items features, but much more versatile.

This provides yet another way to quickly access information using Hookmark 😊.

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