Bike Outliner for Mac is Hookmark’s Partner of the Month of May!

If you’ve read Beaudoin’s Cognitive Productivity books, you know outlining is a great way to think and create. Bike is an impressive new outliner developed by Hog Bay Software:

Use Bike to organize your thoughts.
Make lists, take notes, and save your ideas.
Bike is a powerful outlining tool for thinkers and writers.

We highly recommend checking out Bike’s home page. You’ll be impressed by the features and benefits of Bike. Bike’s philosophy aligns very well with CogSci Apps’. Bike is highly interoperable, link-friendly, macOS native, cognitive productivity software.

And so we are delighted that Bike is Hookmark’s Partner of the Month of May! More about that in the upcoming Hookmark newsletter. Bike will reciprocate in its newsletter to which you can subscribe on its website.

30% off Bike

Use coupon code “Hookmark” to get 30% Off Bike from the Bike website. Offer expires May 17th.

Deep links

Speaking of Bike: on May 9th, we introduced support for deep linking with Bike. This means the Copy Link and Copy As Markdown Link functions yield a deep link that takes you straight to the row where the cursor was when you copied the link. Hookmark’s default integration with Bike uses hook://file/ URL scheme. You can easily switch to bike:// links if you prefer. Either way, you’ll get the benefit of robust deep links.

See Using Hookmark with Bike.