Tips and Apps for Mastering Knowledge: Back to School for Some Students and Professors

Some students and professors are heading “back to school”. With Covid, learning with technology has become more important than ever. So today, Smile published an original article of mine: Technology-Enhanced Learning: 6 Ways to Master New Info.

The tips are:

  1. Be organized
  2. Be prepared
  3. Take notes mindfully
  4. Review and elaborate your notes
  5. Make connections
  6. Practice productively
  7. Keep learning about cognitive productivity

If you’d like to see a list of the apps I mentioned in that blog post, along with a bit of extra information, you can check out Seven Tips and Some Great Apps for Mastering Knowledge: Technology-enhanced learning, which is on the CogZest blog. That post also has extra information about productive practice and learning to learn. But the CogZest blog post leaves out a lot of the important material from the Smile article.

For professors too

Most of my R&D (at Simon Fraser University, CogSci Apps Corp. and CogZest) is oriented towards knowledge workers and higher ed students. Basically I try to understand and help adults who want to thrive with knowledge. I wrote the post mainly for students. However, it’s also relevant to professors because professors are students too! Professors need to improve their own abilities to learn. And they ought not only to teach content to their students; they also need to teach students technology-enhanced learning strategies.

The full article

So check the full article out at Smile: Technology-Enhanced Learning: 6 Ways to Master New Info.