Keyboard Maestro Macros and Hook app

Several Hook users have written forum & blog posts about using Hook with Keyboard Maestro.

Here’s a Keyboard Maestro action by Kourosh Dini, of Being Productive, for copying a link to the foreground item, in which Keyboard Maestro invokes Hook: One keystroke faster with Hook | Being Productive. That means you can use a shortcut to skip the Hook window, and copy a link to the current item.

He tweeted about it here:

ComplexPoint has also posted a Keyboard Maestro macro for Copy Markdown Link here: Copy as (Hook) Markdown link – Macro Library – Keyboard Maestro Discourse

If you search for “Keyboard Maestro” on the Hook app forum, or for “Hook” on the Keyboard Maestro forum you’ll find posts about Hook and Keyboard Maestro.