Updated Features and Linkable Apps Pages: One App, Infinite Applications!

This week, we rewrote Hook’s features page. and the linkable apps page.
Here’s how we categorized the features:

  • Universal linking and navigation
  • More New Forms of Linking
  • Sharing the Previously Unshareable
  • Markdown Friendly
  • Automation
  • Multi-mac and Portability
  • More Features
  • Even Works with Information Managers, Search Tools and Launchers

We mention how the app works not only with typical content based apps, but also with utilities (like Spotlight, HoudahSpot, LaunchBar, and Alfred) and information managers (like DEVONthink, EagleFiler, Keep It, and Evernote).

We have also updated the Linkable Apps page, more clearly showing those apps that have inherent support for linking versus those that require UI scripting.
Have a look and let us (and your Mac-loving friends and family) know what you think! For that matter, if you know a great blogger or podcaster who covers Mac productivity, ask them what they think about Hook. See also Hook’s Twitter handle and forum.