Connect Your Files with Hook: Apple World Today Article by Steven Sande

Whether you are new to Hook or a veteran, you’ll find this Apple World Today article to be a delightful and informative read: Work Smarter: Connect Your Files with Hook — Apple World Today.

It’s short, and though sponsored by us, it was entirely — and super well — written by Steven Sande, a big fan of Hook productivity.

Some features of the article:

  • It features the “2-second rule” of Beaudoin’s Cognitive Productivity books which Hook helps you to implement.
  • It shows Hook, designed by a French Canadian and other Canadians, in action with a great note-taking app, Bear writer by Shiny Frog.
  • It captures the Markdown advantage.
  • It notes the recent release of Hook Sync beta.
  • And more.

Reading Apple World Today is a great way to stay up to date with the latest developments in the world of Apple, such as Hook Sync beta.