Hookmark 5.1.3

Hookmark Version 5.1.3 (5475; Integration v. 277) is now available for download.

This is a bug fixing release.

  • FIXED: Finder Extension does not show up in secondary volumes.
  • FIXED: Hookmark Finder extension would re-enable itself
  • FIXED: File selector dialog could spuriously show up.
  • FIXED: Copy Link button enabled when no title bar item.
  • FIXED a case where Hookmark consumed too much CPU.
  • FIXED a crasher.

Software Integration updates

  1. Fixed a deep linking issue that caused repeated opening of an OmniOutliner
  2. Improved deep linking support for Bike.
  3. Fixed an issue for Users of Ulysses on Setapp.

Eligibility for updates

Hookmark software updates are free to any Hookmark CogSci Apps customer with a Hookmark Updates license that was valid at the time the update was released. Hookmark Pro and Hookmark Standard each come with one year of free access to software updates.

If your Hookmark Updates license has expired and you apply this update, please note that Hookmark will revert to Basic mode until you purchase and apply an Updates license. However, you can also revert to a previous version of Hookmark that was released during your Updates License period. Upgrading from Standard to Pro includes an additional 12-month Updates license.

Next steps

So, please

  • Give Hookmark 5.1.3 a try
  • Discuss on forum and on social media, and
  • enjoy 😊 .