Hookmark 5 Beta Release Notes

Hookmark Version 5.0 is in development. A public beta will be available soon. This page is to inform you of some of the improvements in Hookmark. Not all features are listed yet.

  • NEW: Copy As Universal Link and Copy as Universal Markdown Link. Hookmark will enable you to overcome the limitation of web services like Notion, gmail, google docs, google sheets, etc. which prevent you from pasting or using custom links (such as hook://file/ , omnifocus:///, x-devonthink-item and x-eaglefiler: URLs). Compare the Manifesto for Ubiquitous Linking.
  • NEW: We are making it possible for you to fully select the title item or a link that is in the HOOKED, PINNED or RECENT section. The current Title button is being replaced by a selection-sensitive Action button. The Action button acts on the primary selection. This greatly facilitates onboarding. Plus, if you haven’t yet used all of Hookmark’s powerful commands, this will help you get there. The Title and Link commands will remain available, as submenus of the Action button.
  • NEW: Additional support for deep web hooks.
  • NEW: Automatic backups of Hook’s database.
  • NEW: Enabled Spotlight indexing of Hookmark database
  • NEW: icons to indicate PINNED and RECENT sections.
  • IMPROVED presentation of Preferences window.
  • IMPROVED feedback when Hookmark’s links to files cannot be resolved.
  • IMPROVED toolbar buttons and tooltips
  • IMPROVED efficiency of search and other aspects of Hookmark.

Plus: there’s lots more coming in Hookmark 5 !

For more information on Hookmark 5