Hookmark 5 Release Notes and Download Link

Hookmark Version 5.0 (5317; Integration v. 253) is now available for download.

Many improvements, big and small, are included in Hookmark 5:

UX enhancements:

Core enhancements:

Several other enhancements, listed below.

Action ☰ button replaces the Title and Link buttons

This release provides a subtle but significant improvement in how you will interact with Hookmark. The Link button and Title button have been replaced by a single Action ☰ button in the title bar. This button contains roughly the same menu items as were in the Action and Link button. However, this button acts on whatever the main (i.e., primary) selection.

Primary and secondary selections

In Hookmark 5, it is possible to fully select the title or any link. At any given time, there is always one primary selection.

Whenever you invoke Hookmark, the primary selection is the title, not a link in the HOOKED, PINNED or RECENT section.

There can now be a “secondary” selection. If the Hookmark window contains a HOOKED, PINNED or RECENT link, then whenever the title bar is the primary selection, one of those links will be the secondary selection.

New (and old) keyboard shortcuts/ behaviors

  • ⌃M: shows action menu. This is where most of the action is.
  • ⌃T: now selects the Title bar item (as primary selection).
  • ⌃L: now makes the secondarily selected link the primary selection.

The keyboard shortcuts that used to only apply to the Title bar item (⌘C, ⌘M, ⌘V, ⌘N, etc.) now apply to the primary selection, which as noted above can be either the Title bar item or a link.

The keyboard shortcuts (⇧⌘C, ⇧⌘M, ⇧⌘V, ⇧⌘N,etc.) that were defined for the Link menu do the same as before. They apply to the selected link (but now the selected link may be a secondary selection).

Since the Action ☰ button has taken over the keyboard shortcuts of the Title button, we have defined an entire new set of keyboard shortcuts for the title menu.

You can see the Title and Link shortcuts here in the context window, here:

  • Gear Menu > Advanced > Title >
  • Gear Menu > Advanced > Link >

It’s never worth the effort of using those menu items via the GUI. We placed them there just so we could define and illustrate the keyboard shortcuts. If you do not use keyboard shortcuts, just ignore Gear Menu > Advanced > Title and Gear Menu > Advanced > Link

Two new contextual menus: Title and Link menus

Control-click on the Title bar, and you will see a pop-up menu that applies to the title bar item only. You can think of this as the old Title menu.

Control-click on any link (in HOOKED, RECENT or PINNED), and you will see a pop-up menu that applies to the link you’ve clicked on. You can think of this as the old Link menu.

There are keyboard shortcuts for these commands, but for technical reasons they are burried in

  • Gear Menu > Advanced > Title >
  • Gear Menu > Advanced > Link >

as noted above.

Copying As Universal link (PRO Feature)

Hookmark Pro gains the ability to create universal links. Hookmark’s universal links are particularly useful for (a) sharing links to emails and (b) using in websites like Notion and Google docs. (Notion generates its own universal links. But sometimes you want to include links to other content in Notion itself. Custom links (like OmniFocus:/// and hook:///) that are pasted in Notion and Google Docs are not clickable (they seem to want you to stay in their walled gardens); but those web apps do accept universal links).

Hookmark Basic, Hookmark Standard and Hookmark Pro can all consume universal links. Only Hookmark Pro can create them.

See Universal Links – Hookmark.

Other new features

  • NEW: Automatic backups of Hookmark’s database.
  • NEW: When you activate a hook://file/ link that Hookmark cannot resolve, Hookmark now presents a dialog box.
  • NEW: Additional support for deep web hooks.
  • NEW Analytics parameter to provide system info. Off by default. You can turn it on via Terminal app with: defaults write com.cogsciapps.hook anonymous.generic-sys.analytics true. See privacy policy/Anonymous Analytics.

Other improvements

  • IMPROVED: Indented the HOOKED, PINNED and RECENT labels, left-aligned with the left-edge of link labels 
  • IMPROVED: Helped you more easily visually parse sections in the context window by placing unicodes before 🔗HOOKED, ⏱ RECENT, and Pinned sections.
  • IMPROVED reordered tabs in Preferences window
  • IMPROVED: (PRO) The left column of the Scripts preferences tab can now be scrolled from left-to-right and back. This allows you to see long application names and bundle IDs.
  • IMPROVED: Preferences window no longer resizes automatically.
  • IMPROVED: You will receive feedback when trying to open a hook://file/ link whose file Hookmark cannot be found.
  • IMPROVED buttons in the title bar, and their tooltips
  • IMPROVED spacing between different buttons in title bar 
  • IMPROVED efficiency of search.
  • IMPROVED the efficiency of importing bookmarks.
  • IMPROVED launch time.
  • IMPROVED: Show title-item’s URL (path) in Title bar or Status bar
  • IMPROVED: We’ve enabled Copy All Hooked Links for hook://file/ bookmarks where the file is unreachable.
  • IMPROVED: In search mode, ⌘C, ⇧⌘C, ⌘M and ⇧⌘M all work on the currently selected search result.
  • IMPROVED: Commands to show & hide status bar have been removed. Some users were doing this accidentally without knowing how to bring it back; some didn’t understand implications.
  • IMPROVED: The About Hookmark window now also shows your order ID for reference in case you change the email address you purchased with, or if you forget it.
  • IMPROVED: Hookmark now prevents backspace navigation from the initial context to yield blank content.
  • IMPROVED: Disabled Focus on Link in Clipboard when there’s no link in the clipboard. 
  • IMPROVED: Hook to New RTFD template now included in Hookmark.


  • FIXED a case where Scripts tab was read-only despite valid Pro license.
  • FIXED a case where Hookmark’s disk image would inadvertently be opened.
  • FIXED: Custom Hook to New apps/template are not respected. If you changed the default app to be invoked with ⌘N, then Hookmark’s ⌘N may not work for you.

Also fixed crashes and various minor issues.

New or Updated app integrations

If you subscribe to updates via Hookmark you might already have most of these:

  • NEW: Support for Microsoft OneNote. UI scripting.
  • NEW: Support for Tap Forms (UI-Scripted).
  • NEW: iTerm 2 integration
  • NEW Support for Bike native (deep) linking
  • NEW: Support for Craft on Setapp.
  • NEW: Support for Mela Recipes app
  • IMPROVED: In Apple Mail integration, the title of email links is now <Subject>- <Date> - From <email> to <email>. That’s easily configurable by Pro users in Preferences > Scripts.
  • IMPROVED XCode integration.
  • IMPROVED InDesign 2023 integration.
  • IMPROVED Slack integration. New (configurable) format: <Slack> - <Workspace> - <Date>
  • IMPROVED: ReadKit version 3 is now supported.
  • FIXED: Integration for Settings app on Ventura
  • FIXED: Integration with Calendar app in macOS Ventura

Most of these are discussed on Hookmark Forum.

Eligibility for updates

Hookmark software updates are free to any Hookmark CogSci Apps customer with a Hookmark Updates license that was valid at the time the update was released ( 2023-01-19). Hookmark Pro and Hookmark Standard each come with one year of free access to software updates.

If your Hookmark (formerly “Hook”) Updates license has expired and you apply this update, please note that Hookmark will revert to Basic mode until you purchase and apply an Updates license. However, you can also revert to a previous version of Hookmark that was released during your Updates License period. Upgrading from Standard to Pro includes an additional 12-month Updates license.

For more information on Hookmark

We are gradually updating Hookmark’s online documentation to reflect these important changes.