Using Hook With Agenda

Agenda is a date-focused note-taking app developed by Momenta BV.

This page provides some of the technical details about linking with Agenda.

Hook enables you to link Agenda notes and Agenda projects to and from anything that is also linkable.

Agenda 15 and Hook

Copy Link, Copy Markdown Link and Hook to Copied Link

Hook’s Copy Link and Copy Markdown Link in Agenda return links of the form agenda://. You can paste those links anywhere. You can even use them on your iPad or iPhone.

Copy Link and Copy Markdown Link can be used whenever an Agenda note or project is selected.

After you have copied a link to anything (a web page, email, file, project, task , etc.), on an Agenda note, you can invoke Hook and issue the Hook to Copied Link command. This will “hook” (bidirectionally link) the Agenda note to whatever link was in the clipboard. Of course, you can proceed in the other direction, first copying a link to an Agenda note, then invoking Hook on the other side.

Hook to New > Agenda

Hook enables you to instantly create new Agenda notes and link them to the current item, whether it be a web page, email, PDF , file, project, etc., in any link-friendly app. Simply use the Hook to New in any such context.

For example, if you invoke Hook on the current web page, choose Hook to New... (⇧⌘N) , select Agenda, and then hit the return key. Hook will then :

  1. create a new Agenda note in the currently selected Agenda project,
  2. name the note according to this web page,
  3. add a link inside the Agenda note back to this web page,
  4. hook (bidirectionally link) this web page to the new Agenda note, and
  5. add a bookmark inside Hook to both this webpage and the new Agenda note.

Not bad, for one quick command.

You can also make Agenda your default Hook to New (“note-taking”) app in Hook’s Notes preferences pane. In that case, instead of using Hook to New... (⇧⌘N), you can simply invoke Hook and then use ⌘N; or even faster, use Hook’s global shortcut for creating new notes.

As noted above, this command puts a hyperlink to the source object in the Agenda note. If you sync your Agenda database between your Mac and iPhone or iPad, you can use those links on iPhone or iPad!

⚠️ The Hook to New command requires that you have previously selected a regular Agenda project or note. It won’t work if you select an item in one of Agenda’s Overviews categories (On the Agenda, Today, Search All, or Trash).

Search for Agenda bookmarks in Hook

Hook automatically bookmarks whatever items it touches. If you Copy Link, Copy Markdown Link, or “hook” Agenda notes, then Hook will automatically bookmark those items for you. You can then find those bookmarks in Hook’s search tool, on any device with which you sync your Hook bookmarks!

To find Agenda notes you’ve processed with Hook, simply

  1. invoke Hook
  2. enter search mode (with ⌘F or a click)
  3. type: url:agenda and hit the return key

Your Agenda bookmarks will show up in the search results.

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