Add A Bookmark Without Copying It

Sometimes you simply want to add a bookmark without doing anything else. For that purpose we supply the Add Bookmark Without Copying command.

The keyboard shortcut for it is ⌘D, which is familiar from bookmark managers and web browsers.

You can access see it in the Action menu (in Title bar).

Other ways of adding bookmarks

When you use the Copy Link, Copy Markdown Link or Hook to Copied Link command, Hookmark adds the link to its bookmarks database (if it’s not already there).

It also adds a bookmark when you use the Universal link variants of these commands, and when you hook items together via the menu bar icon or via automation.

Why do this?

Once you’ve bookmarked a resource, it is available for searching. You can also find it on all the devices that are synced. In H1-2023, that will include your mobile devices 😊.