Upgrade from Hook Essentials to Hook Pro

Upgrade from Hook Essentials to Pro for $40.99!

  • This gives you access to all exclusively Pro features listed in the table on this page !
  • This will also extend your Hook Updates license as described below!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Make sure that you have purchased a Hook Essentials license.
  2. Purchase the Upgrade from Hook Essentials to Pro license using the green button above.
  3. Paddle.com will email you an Upgrade from Hook Essentials to Pro license key and a receipt.
  4. On any Mac on which Hook Essentials is licensed, simply click on your new license key. Activating Hook license keys requires an Internet connection.

Your new license key gives you access to one year of Hook updates from the time at which you first activated the Upgrade to Pro license URL key. This new license resets the clock on your Updates license. Even if your prior Updates license expired, you will have access to a full year of Updates.

Praise for Hook

“How have I not heard about @HookProductvT before today?! Incredible Mac App that lets you make bidirectional links between any files on your system (or web pages). Basically Roam for OS. Totally a missing piece I’ve been looking for. Highly recommend.” Conor White-Sullivan: Founder Roam Research.


Paddle.com is the merchant of record, who will send you your Updates License link. Paddle.com is based in the United Kingdom.

Terms and conditions are described on Hook’s general Buy page.