Hookmark is AppleInsider’s Favorite New Mac App of 2022!!

Looking back at 2022, we’re delighted to report that AppleInsider chose Hookmark as its favorite new App of 2022. They do note that strictly speaking Hookmark is not new; it’s a rebranding of the Hook productivity app, which underwent major development in 2022. AppleInsider liked this so much that they chose us! Considering all the new software being published (within and outside the PKM [personal knowledge management] space), we feel truly honored for this recognition!

Other category winners are iPhone 14 and Emergency SOS via Satellite, AirPods Pro 2 (which I got for Christmas and am loving!), Continuity Camera and Advanced Data Protection. Good company 😊.

Looking forward to 2023

We’ve been preparing for years for 2023, which will see:

  • The launch of Hookmark 5 (this month)!
  • The launch of Hookmark Mobile (iPhone & iPad).
  • A number of major original new features, several of which are almost ready.

Speaking of originality, we do not merely create software, let alone “copycat” software. We create CogSci Apps® inventions. We are ahead of the trends. We started with the mySleepButton app, a sleep app with both innovative features based on our co-founder’s theory of sleep onset and insomnolence.

Bidirectional linking has become trendy in the last few years. In 2002, we zeroed in on the concept of bidirectional linking between anything, which we designed and implemented in several large R&D projects at Simon Fraser University. Then we rolled out Hookmark (as Hook). This software is inspired by our integrative design-oriented analyses of cognitive productivity.

So when you examine our 2023 innovations, you will see a continuation of this pattern.


The article was edited by William Gallagher. He runs the 58keys YouTube series for writers who use Macs, iPads and iPhones. William also gives numerous workshops for writers, musicians, actors and journalists.