Use Case: Curating and Aggregating Links to WWDC 2021 Apple Developer Videos

Here I’d simply like to share a use case of Hook. I was planning a series of WWDC 2021 videos I’d like to watch and share with my team here at CogSci Apps Corp.

So I accessed the main videos page: WWDC 2021 – Videos – Apple Developer. I used Hook to Copy Link of the main videos page. While reviewing the video titles on this page, I opened in a new tab each page I thought I might like to watch this month. Then in each tab, I skimmed the page. If the video described on that didn’t look worth watching this month, I’d simply skip it. If it looked promising, then I’d do Hook to Copied Link on it. Then, I went to the next one page. That’s it!

As a result, I now have hooked to WWDC 2021 – Videos – Apple Developer the first round of videos I’d like to watch.


Next I wanted to share this information with my team. So I did Copy All Links on the main video page. I accessed a private discourse forum topic that I started earlier for WWDC (accessible only to CogSci Apps team members). I added a new post in that topic and then I pasted my hooked links, and took care to replace the “Items linked to” part of the title with “Some noteworthy videos from”, which yields

Some noteworthy videos from WWDC 2021 – Videos – Apple Developer

Well, I also hooked that discourse page to WWDC 2021 – Videos – Apple Developer.

That’s it!


Now my team knows what I want to watch, and some of them may want to cherry pick from the short list , though no doubt they will consult the original page themselves too.

Also, each copied page is automatically bookmarked in Hook! That means that I can now use Hook to randomly access (through search) any of those videos. For instance I can later search for “Mail ext*” to find “Mail app extensions”. If there’s a collision, I can narrow it further with “2021”, “videos” or “wwdc”.