Learn OmniFocus: On Living a Fulfilling & Productive Life With OmniFocus and Complementary Apps & Services

Learn OmniFocus

Learn OmniFocus is a unique company founded by Tim Stringer, who has been providing OmniFocus coaching, consulting and training to people all over the world since 2010.

While OmniFocus is the common software denominator of Learn OmniFocus, Learn OmniFocus reaches well beyond its eponymous app. Learn OmniFocus hosts a community of members who value Tim’s Holistic Productivity™ approach. Learn OmniFocus has articles, videos, courses and LIVE sessions. There are free materials and services, and some by subscription. Tim covers all kinds of apps.

Tim was one of the very first users of Hook. In fact, since well before its public beta, Tim has been providing invaluable input to the software development of Hook!

In a live session recently on The Ultimate Productivity App, Tim explained that Hook enables all your macOS apps to be used together as if they were part of one big interconnected app.

Tim’s website contains a growing list of resources showing how Hook can be used to pursue a software-enabled holistically productive life: Hook – Learn OmniFocus.

Examples (available to Learn OmniFocus Members):

And he plans to share more Hook-related resources.

Most of us software every day, for work, family and play. Taking a holistic approach, beyond obsession with “productivity” (which is so hard to define) or any particular app, is a good thing.

Tim is also active on the Hook productivity forum: Profile – @timstringer – Hook Productivity Forum.