Hook Solves Your BIGGEST PDF PAIN-Point

A professional’s most important information is often in PDF format: legal documents, peer-reviewed journal articles, memos, and so much more. However, before Hook, there were four huge problems with PDFs that share one thing in common.

  1. they tended to get scattered on your Mac, which meant you needed to file them in order to find them,
  2. filing documents is time consuming and drains your brain’s energy,
  3. whether you filed PDFs or not, they were hard to reach from related information such as emails, task lists, and web pages (you couldn’t link them),
  4. taking and reading notes in PDFs is notoriously difficult: a PDF reader is not a good word processor !

These pain points boil down to one big problem: before Hook, it was impossible to create robust, fine-grained hyperlinks between PDFs and other information.

Hook is a revolutionary CogSci Apps® invention that solves all of these problems

Hook connects your PDFs to what they are related to, so you can instantly access the desired PDF in context, without searching.

Hook is an intuitive context sensitive window that you can easily invoke.

  1. Select or open a PDF in Finder, a PDF reader, or an information manager like DEVONthink or EagleFiler.
  2. By doing “Copy Link” (⌘C) in Hook, you copy a link to this PDF. If you happen to have selected text, then the link will point specifically to that text within the file!

You can now paste that link wherever you want:

  • in your task list,
  • in your notes about the PDF,
  • even in an email or message to someone,
  • in Hook itself, or
  • anywhere else

When you click on that link, Hook will

  1. open the PDF and your compatible PDF app, and
  2. the PDF app will automatically scroll to the exact location in the PDF.

PDFs are usually multiple pages.

Hook is not a PDF reader. Instead, it works with the best PDF readers for the Mac. Hook extends the best linkable Mac apps.

Hyperlinks are faster and easier to use than search tools

Without Hook, finding PDFs is hard. With Hook, you can instantly navigate from an email, web page, task, notes, etc., to the linked PDF.

You know how to use hyperlinks. Now you can use hyperlinks to open PDFs, even to scroll to a particular paragraph.

Now you can take notes in the app of your choice

Instead of taking notes inside a PDF, you can now take notes about the PDF in your favorite app. Just ‘hook’ the notes document to your PDF. And you can even paste deep PDF links right in your notes. A “deep PDF link” is a link that points to a specific location in a document that is potentially hundreds of pages long.

That means that you can instantly navigate between your notes and the PDF.

Shareable links

If someone else has access to the same PDF on their Mac, with the same file name, then you can send them a link that opens the PDF on their Macs. It can even auto-scroll to the right location in the PDF. They will love you for it!

File less. Search less. Simply access your PDFs.

Who needs this?

Any professional or student who uses PDFs extensively on their Macs needs this software. Professionals who make heavy use of PDFs and Hook include:

  • researchers (professors, etc.)
  • lawyers
  • writers
  • software developers
  • managers and administrators
  • sales persons, and
  • many others

For more information

For more information, see Deep PDF Links Take You Right Where You Need to Focus – Hook and associated documents.