Clarifying the Benefits of Using Hook

I posted the information below on my LinkedIn page.

Are you wondering what the Hook productivity app for macOS can do for you?

Just in case you have been :), I’ve been clarifying the benefits of Hook: .

If you’re a Mac user, cognitive productivity enthusiast, or general marketing enthusiast who’d like to provide feedback on our marketing communications, please let us know what you think:, @HookProductvT . (This isn’t a job offer, just a request for feedback).

I’ve updated the pages linked from the first four bullets, listed below:

  • Write more quickly, easily and better
  • Take better notes with your favorite note-taking apps
  • Get more out of Markdown
  • Collaborate more productively (share links to Dropbox, iCloud, Git, files, emails and more)

Next, I’ll work on several pages linked from the subsequent bullets. Then I will create brief videos, at least one for each bullet.

Hook is currently in public beta. We expect to exit beta this month 🙂 .

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