trickster and hook draft blog- Screenshots will be added, and and page published on Hook’s blog

Because users want to see whether the file before them has hooks (bidirectional links), Hook has an option to automatically add a “Hook” Finder tag to any file it links. If you expose the “tags” column in Finder, you’ll see a “Hook” tag next to each file that has at least one hook — provided the hooks were added since you turned tagging on.

However, Finder windows tend to multiply, and a morass of Finder windows can be disorienting. Quite often, the file you need to access is one that you’ve recently modified. Trickster, an app by Apparent Software, is optimized for this important use case. Trickster shows you recently modified files in a single window with easily configurable views. It is a great way to find information without even having to type a search query! And you can pin the Trickster window, which makes the window itself easy to find.

Today, Trickster has been updated with additional Hook integration. It now presents a Hook icon next to any file that has hooks. So you can now use Trickster to tell at a glance that a recently modified file has hooks!

What’s more, in Trickster you can now click on the Hook icon next to a file to bring up the Hook window. (Or while a file is selected in Trickster, you can type Hook’s keyboard shortcut, ⌘⇧SPACE to do that.) Once the Hook window is presented, you can access any Hook window function. In particular, you can then use Hook to immediately access any file, webpage, message or whatever else is linked to it.

You can even drag and drop items from Trickster to Hook’s menu bar icon.

Rapid information access

Together, Hook and Trickster enable you to navigate the web of information on your Macs.

Unlike traditional search tools, these apps let you access pertinent information without needing to type a query. Search tools have their place (we use them too). But finding without typing keeps you focused on your main task. This lets you get the information you need to get your job done quickly and accurately.

Also, Trickster and Hook allow you to transcend the Finder folder hierarchy. They even let you jump out of Finder, to immediately access any linkable information (tasks, web pages, emails, and more).

Stronger together with macOS automation

The combination of Trickster and Hook is a great example of the power of automation on macOS. Trickster and Hook each has an AppleScript dictionary that enables them to communicate with each other and with other software. At your command, Hook can control Trickster, and vice versa.

Getting your files is like shooting a hockey puck: it needs to be done fast. Hook and Trickster are made in a hockey loving country, Canada :).

So, don’t need forever for Apple to give you the productivity software you need. Independent developers like Apparent Software and CogSci Apps are working tirelessly for you.