Hook 3.8 Release Notes

This page was last modified on 2022-09-20.

Hook Version 3.8 (4940; Integration v. 231) is now available for download.

∑ Executive summary

🎉 NEW: Connect and retrieve your important data with Hook Shortcuts action

Hook Pro users can now create Apple Shortcuts to automatically connect and navigate your most important information! For example, you can create new items and hook them together; focus on particular bookmarks; get bookmarks; and much more!

We will share some of our own shortcuts. And we are confident that the automator community will also share some of their Hook shortcuts. In fact, one of the world’s most famous Mac automators has had early access to Hook shortcuts 🎷 😊.

For full details see Hook’s Shortcuts documentation.

🎉 NEW: Advanced Preferences panel to control the adaptive link engine

Hook 3.8 provides Pro users with more control over Hook’s adaptive file link engine by adding an Advanced Preferences panel. You can now prevent Hook from searching some Finder folders when Hook attempts to resolve new adaptive file links (hook://file/ URLs). This is handy when you have multiple copies of the same or similar files in archive/backups folders or in other less relevant folders.

📣 Other improvements

  • NEW: The gear menu now contains an automation menu that gives you quick access to the growing list of automation integrations, such as workflow to hook several Finder files together.
  • NEW: In Hook’s context-sensitive window, when viewing a link to an Apple Note, you’ll now see the Apple Notes icon.
  • IMPROVED: Renamed Copy All Links to Copy All Hooked Links.
  • IMPROVED: Updated to latest Sparkle framework.
  • IMPROVED: Focus On Bookmark now works with apps that use x-callback-url (like Agenda, Obsidian, Bear and Drafts).
  • FIXED: Changing the Hook Folder Location: setting (in General Preferences) would only take effect after restarting Hook.
  • FIXED: After changing Hook Folder Location:, one needed to restart Hook in order for Hook to New to work properly.
  • FIXED: Hook hangs when getting a hooked link to a Java source file.
  • FIXED: a crash that could happen after deleting and pinning bookmarks.
  • FIXED: a rare issue where when focusing on an email bookmark, the email’s title would be missing from Hook’s title bar.
  • FIXED: Crashes and other bugs.


  • NEW: Hook to New with Agenda is now supported. This currently requires that you have opened an Agenda project. (There’s no notion of default Agenda project yet.) Agenda is a URL-friendly date-focused note-taking app.
  • IMPROVED: other integration with Agenda.
  • IMPROVED: Hook now works better with Firefox, and supports Firefox in more languages.

Enjoy 😊 !