Hook 3.6.1

Hook Version 3.6.1 (4805; Integration v. 221) built 2022-06-11 is now available for download.

This build improves the “hooked” status indicator, which is displayed in the menu bar icon.

  1. Hook can now “Show current item’s number of hooks in menu bar icon”, which is a modified preference in Hook’s General preferences tab.
  2. The ‘unknown’ state is now conveyed by a (?) in the same badge in Hook’s menu bar icon. The known “no hook” state is indicated by an undecorated Hook menu bar icon.
  3. On macOS 10.14 and more recent versions of macOS, Hook will less frequently ask macOS for permission to interact with an app. So you will get fewer dialog boxes from macOS about “Hook.app wants access to control <App>.” (macOS 10.13 lacks an API needed to elegantly reduce notifications.)

For more information, see Menu bar icon badge showing number of links to the current item – Hook.

Also, this build improves integration with the classic edition of Evernote. The Reminders app is now excluded from status polling.

Eligibility for updates

Hook software updates are free to any Hook CogSci Apps customer with a Hook Updates license that was valid at the time the update was released. Hook Pro and Hook Essentials each come with one year of free access to software updates.

If your Hook Updates license has expired and you apply this update, please note that Hook will revert to Lite mode until you purchase and apply an Updates license. However, you can also revert to a previous version of Hook that was released during your Updates License period. Upgrading from Essentials to Pro includes an additional 12-month Updates license.