Hook 2.1 Release Notes

Text Hook 2.1 (3872) is now available from Hook’s Download page and as an in-app update.

Major new features

In Hook 2.1, the major new features enable you to create links to and from two popular note-taking apps – one old and one new.

Hook is a CogSci Apps invention that aims to boost your cognitive productivity by easily linking to and from almost anything. The benefits of note-taking have been amply demonstrated. One of the major benefits of Hook is to help you take better notes, by enabling you to rapidly create notes while working in context. You can hook notes to just about anything else on your computer, and then access your notes from anything you hook them to. It lets you easily keep notes and items they relate to connected. (Rely less on search and more on instant navigation).

We are truly delighted that Hook supports these two note-taking apps, in addition to other great note-taking apps.

Other changes

  • NEW. Hook’s Welcome Board has been updated for Hook 2.0
  • NEW. Preferences > Scripts tab > Open Item tab: Clarified the instructions (the scheme identifies which Open Item script Hook should open the URL with.) Also some related changes under the hood.
  • NEW. About menu acknowledges Alexander Käßner for drawing the new Hook icon.

  • FIXED an issue that could prevent a user’s integration scripts from updating.

  • FIXED an issue that prevented .hook files from working if they contained a hook://search/ link. (These search links trigger a Spotlight search. So they are “saved searches” that you can paste anywhere.)

About Hook 2.0

For information on Hook 2.0 to 2.0.3, please see Hook 2.0 (and 2.0.x) Release Notes.

Obtaining the updates

This update is free to any Hook customer with a valid Updates license for Hook, as well as any version of Hook in valid trial or Lite mode. (Hook Pro and Hook Essentials each come with one year of free updates.)

If your Pro or Essentials Updates license has expired, Hook 2 will run in Lite mode. In that case, you can purchase an Updates license for access to full Essentials or Pro functionality. Or, you can revert to a version of Hook that was released before your Updates license expired.

2020-12-09, British Columbia time.