Hookmark For Education and Research

Hookmark helps you connect your files, tasks, notes, PDFs, emails and more.
No more searching through scattered information across apps and folders.

Designed for Students and Academics, to boost productivity and streamline workflow efficiently. Crafted with care to enhance focus and organization, Hookmark’s linking technology empowers seamless access to information for everyone.

Write Swiftly

The insidious friction in writing is searching for supporting PDFs, notes, outlines, data files, tasks, emails, figures, etc. Hookmark removes the friction. Hookmark links your draft to supporting information; use these links to instantly get from your draft to supporting information, and vice-versa. Search not; just focus.

Enhancing Academic Efficiency

Instantly create and use links to all kinds of information: files, emails, tasks and much more! Paste links in your notes, task lists, or anywhere else where you will need them! Use them to instantly return to the information you need, wherever it is.

To copy a link to the current item in the foreground app, just invoke Hookmark’s contextual window (⌃H or with menu bar icon) and use the Copy Link command (⌘C). Works with any link-friendly app!

Revolutionizing Note-Taking for Students

Without Hookmark, creating associative notes is virtually impossible. The solution: invoke Hookmark’s Hook to New (⌘N) command in a source (web page, PDF, file, etc., in the app of your choice): Hookmark instantly creates, names and stores a new note in the app of your choice, with a 2-way link between the note and the source! Result: you can navigate swiftly from the source to the note and vice-versa. No friction, pure focus!

Effortless Bookmarking

Other bookmarking apps have 2 major limitations: they
can only bookmark web pages; you need to remember to
manually add the bookmark. We at CogSci Apps discovered
the clearest signal of information relevance: that you
copied a link to it!

Hookmark automatically bookmarks the links you
copy. Not just to web pages, but important items from all
your favourite apps: emails, tasks, presentations, spreadsheets, etc. Type ⌘F in Hookmark to see your links.

Seamless Integration with PDF Applications

Select text in a link-friendly PDF app; use Hookmark’s
“Copy Link” (⌘C). Paste the aptly-named link in your
notes, todo list, doc-review comments, tasks lists, even in
emails. With Hookmark’s “Copy Quote” command, copy
the link AND the selection in one go. Clicking on the link
will (a) open the PDF, and (b) auto-scroll to that specific
location in the file! Share these links with others: they can
open the shared files on their Macs. Magic

Brett Terpstra

Coder (Marked 2, nvALT, SearchLinks, nvUltra etc.), author, web developer.

“[Hookmark] connects parts of my workflow that I’ve long-believed would never be connectable.”

William Gallagher

58 keys

“It isn’t just fine, it’s just brilliant! The speed, it is tremendous. More than the measurable speed. It’s the way it feels because I’m not stopping to think let’s go to Mail, find the email, read this. I’m just thinking: I need this, I’m there. And I’m back again. And that is worth getting and worth practicing.”

David Sparks


“[Hookmark] is the link-everything app for your Mac. It creates links to files, email, and other digital bits, letting you easily “hook” things together. It’s increasingly becoming part of my contextual computing workflow.”

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