Hook 1.5.1 Release Notes for Users Who Installed Hook 1.5

These notes are only pertinent to the handful of users who installed Hook 1.5 before we suspended it within about 12 hours. The availability was overnight in North America so very few users downloaded 1.5. If you are not one of those users,, you can ignore this page.


The upshot of the background below is that the links of (the few) 1.5 users won’t automatically be available to Hook 1.5.1

If you’d like to recover your links, then before installing Hook 1.5 you can export your Hook database. Then you quit Hook 1.5, run Hook 1.5.1 , and import the links file. See Export and Import of link data

If you’d like more information or a different solution, please get in touch with us at support@cogsciapps.com. We can then even discuss it on the phone, there being so few users affected.

Historical Background (details)

We suspended Hook 1.5 because a user reported losing data with screenshots indicating his “~/Library/Application\ Support/com.cogsciapps.hook/” folder was reinitialized. No one else has reported the issue. Upon investigation, however, we concluded that his data loss could not have been due to Hook itself. We investigated and tested extensively in house. Hook is simply not designed or implemented such as to be able to reinitialize its Application Support folder. The user can only do this themselves.

However, rather than simply reinstate Hook 1.5, we decided to take advantage of the time we lost to this investigation to release Hook 1.5.1 with two changes:

  1. We fixed a bug in an AppleScript function introduced in Hook 1.5.
  2. We removed encryption of the Hook database that was also introduced in Hook 1.5.

We decided it was best to quickly release Hook 1.5.1 rather than to produce a version of Hook that had code to manipulate the database for point number 2 for only a handful of users, which would have had the consequent risk of bugs and imposed a time cost for users and ourselves. So we decided not to add code to convert the database back from encrypted (1.5) to unencrypted. Hence the export / import solutions mentioned above.