Yet More Help

This section contains additional information about Hook that is not listed in the main help, to keep the table of contents sidebar manageable. This page is linked from the main Help pages, however.

Integration notes

Particularities and limitations of Hook with certain apps and services are listed here. If you need information about how Hook work with particular apps, please also search the Hook productivity forum. The pages below are linked from the What Mac Apps Work with Hook? page.

Linking Apple Notes

By default, Hook does not support Copy Link or Copy Markdown Link in Apple Notes. This is due to bugs in Apple Notes’ AppleScript. For more information, including other ways to use Hook with Apple Notes, please see Apple Notes App and Hook.

Automation of Hook

As of Hook 1.5, Hook contains an AppleScript dictionary. That means that you can control Hook with launchers (such as Alfred and LaunchBar), Keyboard Maestro, or other scripts and programs. For more information, see Hook’s automation page, which links to sample Alfred workflows.