Hook 3.1.1 Private Beta

Here is a private beta of Hook 3.1.1. It has only minor changes compared to 3.1, for investigating specific issues below. (No new features). Please do not share this URL.

Click here to download Hook 3.1.1 DMG.

Topic 3164: Performance issue

User reports

I’ve been finding v3 very slow in loading the main window on one of my machines but not the other. I tried exporting/importing bookmarks but no change.

Testing instructions

We have added some logging to test the hypothesis that the reported issue is due to a new AppleScript timer.


  1. run /Applications/Utilities/Console.app , type Hook in search bar, and start streaming log messages.
  2. Then try to reproduce the error

If the performance problem occurs, please

  1. copy the Console output from before you try to invoke Hook until after Hook window appears. (It should contain “Executing script…”)
  2. paste in a new .txt file.
  3. compress the file if it’s large.
  4. email it to support@cogsciapps.com with title “Topic 3164”

Thank you.